Bensonite Malaysia

Bensonite is a high quality surface material that is made perfect for your bathroom sink, kitchen and counter tops. It is totally an exceptional building material where the beautiful pattern, flexibility and stylishness are combined to produce a  lasting impression not only in the residential purposes but also in commercial buildings. That is why it is a common favorite countertop material to many home owners and commercial sectors.

Bensonite solid surface is almost exquisite yet easily available to anyone. It is multipurpose and it is more than versatile than stones products. Bensonite is durable, stands up to the demand of everyday use. It is non-porous, non-radiation, high weather resistances, easy to clean and maintain. The best thing is, it is available in extensive colors.

Bensonite solid surface is formed when pieces of homogenous solid-surfacing materials are mixed together with the use of adhesive products to form a complex union. When compressed in place, the binding adhesive dries and becomes  practically inconspicuous. The completion of the whole Bensonite manufacturing process involves the use of dynamic polishing equipment to remove the residues and grind off the bull-nosing of the product. After completing the whole process, it almost attains its seamless joints to the point that it can be as beautiful as expensive surface materials.

Feature and Benefit

arrow  Seamless joints, smooth, inconspicuous seams.

arrow  Totally solid yet comes with a flexibility of thermoform (Bending).

arrow  Vividly finished with a great selection of colors and sizes.

arrow  Easy to care and maintain.

arrow  Non-porous and resistant to scratches, stains, heat and bacteria as well as chemicals like Acid, alkali.

arrow  Easily bend into various shapes to suit your desired patter and design.

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