Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is widely used flooring type in these days. It is one of the most sophisticated and lavish flooring options available. Marble flooring has high luster and eye catching visual appeal to the application that is why it is the top notched choice for the architects, designers and artists worldwide.

It is an extremely hard and durable flooring material and is basically composed of calcite. The recrystallization of limestone under high pressure results in the formation of marble with a tight crystalline structure and definite porosity. Polished marble will have limited porosity and the leaching effects of water is becomes less. It is readily dissolves in acid and the intensity of solution depends on the concentration of the acids.

There are two types of marble available are calcite and dolomite. Dolomite is much resistant to acid attack. Both types of marble are available in different color ranges brilliant white, blue gray, red, yellow and much more.

When used for flooring, the attractiveness that these marble flooring offers makes it the best suitable floor type. Riotous appearance, long lasting luster and wear resistance are some great advantages that you can get from these marble flooring. Marble can be used in interiors and its elegance makes it perfect for bathroom, kitchen, staircases etc. Beatifically designed marble tiles will be the best for your home.

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