Marble Honeycomb

Marble Honeycomb panels are strong wall panels used in furnishing and construction industries. It is produced when the natural marble is glued to firmly attach to the honeycomb. Honeycomb marble weighs only 25 percent of the original natural marble yet offers greater strength and the chances for damage is too less.

The main objective in using honeycomb panels is to strengthen the constructions and in sometimes, it is used to add physical characteristics like decoration for flooring or wall covering, etc. The beauty that it offers when used for flooring and wall covering is extraordinary.

This lightweight product is made up of stone, micro porous fiber glass skins and micro perforated aluminum honeycomb core. It is mainly developed to overcome the limitations of the earlier solutions for industrial uses like limited resistance and limited durability. With this highly advanced product, it can make the construction extra strong and extra durable.

Recommended Application:

arrow High Rise Building
arrow Elevator
arrow Yachting
arrowExterior walls
arrow Country yards
arrow Gardens

The amazing dimensional stability and resistance to atmospheric agent makes it highly tensile and stable. Color blending and matching are really easy with this amazing marble

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