Marbles vs Natural Tiles

For over the century, marble tiles and natural tiles have frequently used for surfaces such as wall, floor, kitchen and bathroom counter. These tiles come in a wide range of color, designs, textures and sizes. Tile materials can last longer and withstand wear superior than linoleum or vinyl. Generally, marble tiles work better than natural tiles or ordinary such as porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Since marble tiles come from natural stone it offer a unique natural design with different colors and variations in every tile. It gives elegant appearance to the application and can complement many different from classical type to sophisticated styles. Marble tile is unique, beautiful and looks like no other surface.

For people who like to keep their homes clean and free from all the collection of allergens such as pet dander, pollen, dusts and other pro-allergic elements, marble tile is the best option. It has hypoallergenic properties and it naturally resists bacteria.

Marble is a hard stone that is durable and it’s its life is beyond imagination because it can last five times longer than any other natural tiles. It is one of the oldest building materials that were used by the ancient Greek and Rome in their building construction. And amazingly, those fine marble materials are still being used today.

While it is true that marble flooring can be cost more than the natural tiles, marble tile is extremely durable and lasts longer than many other less expensive types of floor tile. But it’s worth your money because marble tile is both attractive and practical.

Uses  Interior Walls, High Traffic Floors  Exterior Walls and Floors
 Cost  Low starting price, but custom orders can get expensive  Expensive
 Structure  A metamorphic rock made up of calcite  A man-made product produced by compacting clay dust under enormous
pressure into molds
 Durability  Marble flooring is durable  It can easily break
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