Basic About Solid Surface Countertop

Put a nice touch to your home and office interiors and play with infinite design possibilities with sophisticated and high-quality solid surfaces from Solid Surface Malaysia – your quality source of interior solution materials in Malaysia. Explore our inventory of durable and luxurious interior finishes.

  • Impressive inventory of high-grade & aesthetically-pleasing solid surfaces
  • Durable and stain and fire-resistant interior finishing
  • Seamless integration to your home & office designs
  • Excellent value for money

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Choosing the right countertop is an exciting and challenging endeavor because of so many important considerations. Since solid surface countertop offers grander performance, upscale look and more affordable than natural stone, it becomes the popular choice with homeowners for it stands up to the demand of daily life.

Application for solid surface is very far attained. Solid surface countertops are not just very available in the market but it comes in a wide array of colors, texture options and pattern flexibility to suit any décor. It can be routed, sculpted, shaped, engraved, sandblasted and backlit so it allows for more design options.

Solid surface countertop is made from solid material (polyester or acrylic) that is composed of about 33% inorganic binding resins and 66% organic (minerals).

The countertop is a place where everyday meals are prepared so it comes into direct contact with foods. The less porous that countertop is, the fewer bacteria will be trapped in the surface. Thus, solid surface countertop works find here because it is non-porous so it is mildew and germ resistant and is it a good countertop material to promote sanitary. It is also stain free,heat-proof, and self-sufficient and it is made to imitate the beauty of other remarkable materials like granite marbles.

When it comes to maintenance, it is probably the easiest counter to maintain as it needs no sealer coat which means scratches can be simply sanded and wiped away. Yes, For these benefits, it is no surprise that solid surface countertop has been the most used for over four decades and continuously driving more and more home builders, architects to choose solid surfaces.