Solid Surface Countertops

Put a nice touch to your home and office interiors and play with infinite design possibilities with sophisticated and high-quality solid surfaces from Solid Surface Malaysia – your quality source of interior solution materials in Malaysia. Explore our inventory of durable and luxurious interior finishes.

  • Impressive inventory of high-grade & aesthetically-pleasing solid surfaces
  • Durable and stain and fire-resistant interior finishing
  • Seamless integration to your home & office designs
  • Excellent value for money

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Solid surface countertops are materials that are solid and smooth. These materials can actually imitate the form of a stone, wood and other natural materials. These are usually installed for kitchen island tops. They can be set up as a whole countertop or just a specific area.

Materials for Solid Surface
The most common material for solid surface is the plastic. For high performing countertops, they are usually made from acrylic. Most of the solid surfaces are non-porous, so make sure that the setting up is good. The good thing in non-porous slab is that, it makes your countertops resilient to stains and keep away from bacteria, germs and molds. Another material is the stainless steel that is now becoming widely held in the market. It has also a lot of advantages same as the acrylic and a heat resistant. Some homeowners choose to use stainless steel because it is versatile when it comes to interior designing.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Being artificially made, the surface has the most advantage among the other countertops. When the surface is made up of more acrylic, it is more durable and has more strength. Choosing a countertop made of granite that is easy to acquire, then you may be of advantage in terms of the price. Rather than  the ones that are shipped from other countries like Zimbabwe.

Why not mix?
If you are having problems in choosing which type of countertop material you are going to use, then why don’t you just mix two or three types? Before deciding on which countertop material you are going to use. See and experience the surface and texture of the material. Just an additional factor for you to help you decide. Below are some of the past project that we have completed for other customers.