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1. What is solid surface?

Solid Surface is man-made products usually composed of high performance resistant materials like acrylic, marble dust and unsaturated polyester. They are made with high filling contents without gel coats. The materials are usually used for countertops and on wall panels. They resist moisture, stains, hot and cold temperature. It may look similar to stones, wood and natural looking other materials. It can be joined easily by a craftsman. Mainly it is manufactured as in sheet forms for fabrication into any finished products; this solid surface also can be cast into many varieties of shapes. Hundreds of colors and textures are available in solid surface.

2. What are the benefits of solid surface?

Solid Surface offers extraordinary versatile surfacing with lots of benefits in terms of performance and aesthetics with unbelievable application and design flexibility also. The benefits are:

  •  Invisible virtually
  •  Affordable
  •  In many colors
  •  Durable
  •  Resistant to moisture, stains, heat and cold
  •  Different pattern and finish
  •  Can be molded to any shape
  •  Repel moist and inhibit from the growth of bacteria or mold
  •  Can be used in kitchen countertops, bathroom, shop fittings, airports, Hospitals,
  • public buildings etc.

Special fabricators can posses more skill and knowledge on for providing necessary advice and service. Solid surface is competed with natural stone over pricing.

3. Where do the design options begin?

Solid Surface is the now the genetic term in group of materials which were primarily used only for making countertops. Now, however, its unique quality has made it the fabric for shower pans, floor tiles, and tub walls, cutting boards, table tops, cutlery handles, cabinet pulls and its knobs and for making other products like artistic sculptures. Solid surface versatility made it the better custom design for many people. The mixture of natural mineral filler and resin binder makes it and allows mold or cured that result in sheet. The sheets get cut down to make it a finished material.

4. What brands does Vangura carry?

Vangura offers solid surface durable and worry free in variety of colors and many patterns. You can enjoy low maintenance artistry with Vangura’s great collections. The products will be a combination of form and functionality. The brands Vangura provides for residential as well as commercial purposes are Ashley, Chelsea, Brittney, Emerald, Daisy, Gabriel, Jasmine, Heather, Mariah, Krystal, Paige, Nova, Sapphire, Ruby, Victoria and Tiffany.

If you need is for commercial pupose, then you can enjoy porous free and seamless surface patterns perfect for retail shop, healthcare, education and hospital applications. The benefits with choosing Vangura products are you can get hundreds of styles, colors and patterns. They are totally repairable, easy maintenance and stain resistant. You will see an efficient matte finish with no noticeable seams.

5. What type of sinks can be installed with solid surface?

Solid surface is well-suited with any kind of top or a under mounted sink. As solid surface is a blend of acrylic or polyester and natural filler that make it suitable for most styles of sinks to choose from.

There are huge varieties in kitchen sink designs. Undermount sinks will look more handsome and it is practical also. Solid surface countertop can cleaned easily and no wastes will get accumulated under the edge of sink. This type of sink installation undermount needs specific technique and it will especially design for this purpose only. The sink is attached from below under the countertop glued with a clip. This is much stronger to support sink weight even when it is filled with water.

6. Is there a warranty?

Not all the manufactures provide the same type of warranty yet some are similar. A common type of warranties offer by popular brands is 10 to 15 years while lifetime warranties are limited. The duration of the solid surface warranty shows the level of confidence the manufacturer is having on their products. This means that considering warranty is the way to judge a product and provide you some level of security with your investment. Corain, Wilsonart and Formica offer a 10 year warranty of manufacturing and Livingstone and HI-MACS offers 15 years warranty. These brand warranty is applicable to Vangura Solid surface products only.

7. What can solid surface are used for?

Solid surface is incredible and versatile material for countertops. It is durable and modern as well as colorful which can be used for many applications. Solid surface has been in association with countertops for long time, but now it is being used for other methods also.

  • Uses:
  •  Solid Surface on Kitchen and Bathroom countertops
  •  Door Thresholds
  •  Shower Receptors and surrounds
  •  Window Stills
  •  Industries
  •  Restaurant tables
  •  Cash register counter
  •  Retail shops
  •  Flooring
  •  Bathroom Shower stalls dividers.
  •  Hospital Laboratory, endoscopy, decontamination sinks etc.

The material Solid surface can molded to any shape that makes it appeal to residential, industrial and commercial designers.

8. Can I have the color that I want?

The number of colors will vary from manufactures to manufactures. Each brand have its own color categories however there will be similar as well as different once. Some give more importance to unique colors that are not available with other manufactures. If you have a love for any particular choice that you not able to find anywhere then you might land up in choosing the brand that have regardless considering any other brand. It is said to be hundreds of colors are there available in sold surface. There will be light colors to solid colors to choose from with different textures.

9. Does solid surface stain?

Solid surface can stain if you put drinks, food, chemicals or liquids that have colors on it. Howvere due to its nonporous nature the stain will not penetrate deep into the surface. It will not be permanent. It can be removed easily by just wiping it or cen scrub even. With regular maintaneance of solid surface with soap or liquid solution can help to bring back its shine and beauty. They do not need sealings unlike natural stones. They have tight seams and its nonporous surface can prevent mold, germs, mildew and bacteria from occuping and growing on the surface.

10. Will my solid surface countertop have a seam?

A most appealing part of solod surface is its feature ‘seamless’. The combination with which it is made will bring a gel coat over the surface that prevents bacteria, stains and other problems that inherent in natural stones. All countertops will get seam in one type or another, it can be on itself or separate on the piece of material joined to buildup the edge. All kind of seams in fabrications of solid surfaces are not noticeable. But it will not be invisible. It may have seams but the benefits is its impossibility to get locat it while in other natural stone can be easily.

11. Does solid surface need to be sealed?

Solid Surface has non-porous nature, so no need of sealing. It does not require any sealing or some special cleaning due to its anti-bacterial property. With some soap and water it can be easily wiped to remove the stains. Minor scratches can be polished away by you without affecting its look and finish. More serious damages can be repaired easily. If your surface has gloss or semi-gloss finishing then will require more of maintenance that satin or matte finish because the scratches will look more prominent, so requires detailed buffing technique. If solid surface color is dark then need little more maintenance.

12. Will solid surface scratch?

Yes solid surface get scratched with day to day activities on it. However more pointed or sharp-edge object may leave scratch or cut on the solid surface. If there are minor cuts or scratches, then you can easily remove it by using sandpaper. But can be wiped away with a cleaning pad. You can remove it by

  •  Pour little mild liquid on surface
  •  Rub the scratch area with sponge or scrub using mild pressure
  •  Rinse it thoroughly with water and dry it
  •  If scratches still can be seen then do this steps again.
  •  More severe scratches can be fixed with some more steps

13. Can I put a hot pot on my solid surface?

Hot pots or saucepans straight out from the oven or stove should not be laid on the solid surface directly, it is not completely recommended. You can place a mat underneath so that heat does not damage the surface. When more heat or pressure applied on the surface can make blush marks. Most of the surface can remain stable or undamaged to a heat of 212o. More than this can damage solid surface. While using electric skillets or heating appliances that generate extreme heat, place a hot pad under the appliances.
If there are any minor heat damages then it can be glossed away by the house owner. More severe damage can be repaired by the installer only. Some of the solid surface manufactures recommend trivets.

14.  How much heat can solid surface take?

Most of the solid surface are resistant a heat up to 100oC, more high flame or heat can damage the surface.  It does not get burn but can damage the surface. In most cases the small burn marks can be caused with nicotine which can be simply removed by using scouring agent or with an abrasive sponge. Then you may think that it can spoil the high-gloss finish to a matt appearance by rubbing the surface using pad but by doing this it will bring back your high-gloss state back. While using hot pans or heat generating appliances like electric cooking system or frying pans may cause damage if a trivet or hot pad is not used.

15.  What if I damage my solid surface countertop?

Solid surface countertops are easy renewable and repairable. Any crack or damage like scratches, burn marks and chips is repairable. This is the most important benefit by using solid surface as countertops, because of its fabrication. Because of the pattern that of entire thickness of this product, scratches and nicks can sanded out easily out of the matte finish countertop. Any accidental damage major or damage on the polished top is repairable by using solid surface qualified fabricator.

If you are having a semi gloss or full gloss finish then require to have more maintenance that the matte finish because damages on gloss finish look more apparent, so will require detailed buff technique.