LG Solid Surface

Put a nice touch to your home and office interiors and play with infinite design possibilities with sophisticated and high-quality solid surfaces from Solid Surface Malaysia – your quality source of interior solution materials in Malaysia. Explore our inventory of durable and luxurious interior finishes.

  • Impressive inventory of high-grade & aesthetically-pleasing solid surfaces
  • Durable and stain and fire-resistant interior finishing
  • Seamless integration to your home & office designs
  • Excellent value for money

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The LG Solid Surface is an artificially man made substance which is made up of refined bauxite and polyester or acrylic resin. It is mostly used as horizontal countertops and on vertical appliances in kitchens, bath tubes, walls etc.

It offers an enormous amount of facilities where even marbles and graphite cannot provide. It is available in many different colours and designs like Quarry Bisgue, Pebble Seaster, Pebble Gold, Pebble Blue, Sanded Dark Nebula, etc. All of these things are perfect to make a house look exotic. The LG Solid Surface is very flexible; this makes it perfect for artist, interior and exterior designers to use it in making status and other designs which will make a surrounding very lively.

The Specialty of LG Solid Surface
This solid surface might look like marbles and graphite, but when talking about their features you will know a lot of difference. Let us look at some of the facilities the LG Solid Surface has to offer to us:

  •   It is crack, scratch and stain resistant. This means that it requires less maintenance and looks new.
  • Have the ability to prevent the buildup of micro-organism. So, you are sure to make a hygienic place all the time.
  • Do not react with any kind of chemicals. This also means low maintenance and so makes it look brand new.
  • Lighter than other natural stones.
  • Comes in various designs and colours
  • Durable, which increases life.
  • Translucent and flexible solid surfaces can be found
  • It is said to be seamless. This prevents dirt and water building up and also looks like one connected piece.
  • Cheaper compared to other stones.
  • Comes with a warranty.

Therefore, when you want to make homes and commercial space elegant, the Solid Surface is the one who can help you out and give you the best possible services.

Restrict the buildup of bacteria and fungiMay damage due to high heat
Resistant to crack, stain and scratchColor can fade when exposed to outside sunlight
Blocks UV raysDifficult to maintain if damaged suddenly
Repairing possible
Provides Seamless
Light in mass
Do not react with any sort of chemicals
Easy to maintain
Stronger than other stones
Comes in numerous designs and colours
Warranty available