Solid Surface Kitchen Top

Put a nice touch to your home and office interiors and play with infinite design possibilities with sophisticated and high-quality solid surfaces from Solid Surface Malaysia – your quality source of interior solution materials in Malaysia. Explore our inventory of durable and luxurious interior finishes.

  • Impressive inventory of high-grade & aesthetically-pleasing solid surfaces
  • Durable and stain and fire-resistant interior finishing
  • Seamless integration to your home & office designs
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The kitchen area is one of the most important part of our home and probably the busiest one because it is where our stays more often and where our everyday meals are being prepared. It is definitely the hub of every family, whether it is big or small. So it has to be durable, organized, neat and pleasurable.

Whether you are building a new kitchen or you are planning to remodel one to make it more contemporary and stylish, it really helps to install a solid surface material from its top. Moreover, kitchen top is the central part of your kitchen’s appearance.

Solid surface kitchen top is made of a heavy-duty synthetic material with natural fillers. It is the least expensive among the other kitchen top products. Solid surface kitchen tops bring
creativity and practicality to your kitchen outline. It has been the common favored option with the home owners and definitely a most cost effective kitchen top solution. It constantly enjoys a stable reputation as widely used for kitchen top materials over the years.

Solid surface kitchen top offers many advantages that fist for a busy kitchen. It is durable, easy to clean, comes in a variety of patterns and colors to choose from and it is water resistant. It is very ideal for food preparation because of its mold and mildew resistance.

With their smooth appearance, solid surface kitchen top is always an eye-catching option. At present, its designs take style to the next level by imitating the glamorous materials such as glass, granite, quartz and concrete. The surface is also going fashionable with innovative reflective metallic colors infused with gold or silver marks.