Installation Speed Comparison of Solid Marble

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Installation Speed Comparison of Solid Marble, Marble Tile, Marble Honeycomb and Quick Stone
Marble is one of the most used flooring stones around the world. Its durability, appearance and being cost-efficient are the characteristics that is why it is being patronized on. But there are many kinds of marble slabs that are available; here are the solid marble, tile, quick stone and honeycomb.

They vary in cost, durability, weight and size. But what distinguished them is their installation speeds. Let’s compare them to see if what kind of flooring is faster to install.

Installation of flooring by two men in eight hours of work

  1. Solid marble – 15 square feet- these are heavy materials and require a rigorous work to put on. It takes time to dry the adhesives and cement.
  2. Marble tiles – 20 square feet – a lighter material for flooring and requires a decent amount of work for two men. Needs to be properly placed and cemented firmly to prevent empty spaces. Faster to install than solid marble.
  3. Honeycomb Marble – 40 square feet – a revolutionary material that is lightweight and has better strength and insulation than flooring materials. Easy to install and significantly reduced the time and cost of installation.
  4. Quick stone – 50 square feet – one of the fastest and simplest flooring materials to install that doesn’t need much laborious work than others. Can easily be repaired and has good durability characteristics fit for everyday use.

With the many materials that are available  in the market now, considering the work and cost of installing can save you a lot of time and money.