Solid Surface Care And Maintenance

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General cleaning of solid surfaces can be done by simply wiping the surface area with a damp microfiber, cloth or sponge, then dry with a soft cloth or paper towels to prevent spotting or water stain; particularly in areas with hard water.

For basic and tougher stains, clean with mild soap and water or clean with an ammonia-based product such as household glass cleaner or commercially available non-abrasive spray-on cleaners. Wipe dry with a soft cloth or paper towel the surface.

Heat Warning!
Solid surface materials endure heat better than many other surface materials. However, it is limited. Common sense should be applied regarding exposure to direct heat. The surface can still be damaged by heat generating appliances such as hot pans, crock-pots, waffle irons and the like. To avoid the surface from damage or blows always use stand with rubber feet between the appliances and the countertop.

General Guidelines

  • Solid surface materials are created with less maintain and easy care. Generally, it can be repaired if damaged. However, there are some guidelines to follow to prevent permanent damage to your solid surface.
  • Most companies do not cover the warranty of permanent damage caused by customer mishandling.
  • Avoid using strong chemicals, such as paint removers, oven cleaners, acetone and even strong bleach. If contact happens, promptly flush the chemicals with water. Contact may cause spots that may require broad repair. If stained with nail polish, remove it with a non-acetone-based nail polish remover and flush with water.
  • Do not cut or chop anything directly on your solid surface countertop for it can damage the surface. Always use a cutting board for protection.
  • When pouring boiling water into sinks, run it with a cold water to minimize the heat.
  • Always use a trivet under heat producing appliances as mentioned above. You should always have a trivet to support with your countertop. A trivet with legs or a hot pad, under all hot pans is preferred.
  • Avoid dropping heavy objects on the surface to prevent fractures.