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Granite is an igneous rock formed from the slow crystallization of molten magma cooling deep beneath the earth’s surface and is an amazingly thick and watertight stone. Being the second hardest material in this world, granite when used as countertops will never get scratched easily.

Granite tiles have been rapidly the most in-demand material for counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom today. It is known as the most hard-wearing when it comes to material range so it became the most popular choice by professionals for flooring. This natural rock gives a classy look and smooth finish to your floor. Though granite tiles are not lightweight rigid like honeycomb structures, it is best suitable for structures with large inertial masses like platforms, bridges, commercial building flooring etc.

The waterproof nature of the granite tiles makes it the best suitable as bathroom tile. It is heat resistant and can withstand a lot of substances. Hot pots can be directly placed to the granite.  When used granite tiles the chance for the growth of mold or bacteria is eliminated. Granite tiles are stain resistant and hence the cleaning of granite is too easy.

Granite tiles are available in wide variety vibrant colors and choosing the right colored tile for your home will add to the ambience of its beauty. From warm natural cremes to bolder colors like black, gold, grey etc too are available. Granite tiles when used in your home as flooring will surely increase the value and will look magnificent. Patterned designs granite tiles will make your floor look elegant and offers a intricate design style.