Granite Tiles versus Marble Tiles

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Granite and Marbles are stone minerals that have been a great addition to home beautification. They are often installed in kitchens, bathrooms and floorings that can add elegance and style to your prospect home. Granite and marble can be easily distinguished to each other. Granite is usually made up of several colors while marble has solid one color on its tile.

If you are having difficulty in choosing between granite tiles or marble tiles in your home, here are some information to help you decide.

Granite tiles are more durable compared to marble tiles. This is because the composition of granite is more compact than marble. Because of its durability, the shiny appearance of granite tends to show than marble.

Substance reaction of Granite and Marble
In stains problems, both tiles have their cons. Marble has a reaction to vinegar, lemon and other acidic substances while Granite tile may react to cleaning materials. That is why granite tile is better to install in kitchen countertops because of the presence of acidic ingredients while marble is more suitable on bathroom floorings, shower walls and other vanities.

Cost and Scratch Resistant
Granite tile cost more than marble tile. The average price of granite ranges fromRM360-RM750 per square foot while marble is RM150-RM320. Also, granite is more scratch resistant than marble tile that is why it’s more expensive.

Overall, each stone has their own pros and cons. It’s just a matter of where you would want to put it. Granite is best in more trafficked areas such as the kitchen while marble is best in bathroom floors and shower walls.